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Christmas Angels

According to many people (including me), Clannad is one of the biggest Irish bands of all time. The Donegal-based family group has been essential since the early seventies due to their progressive folk sound and ethereal vocal arrangements. Since 1973 they have released 16 studio albums, won several important awards and toured in many countries many times . Recently, they have been on the road with their Farewell Tour that celebrates the band’s 50th anniversary.

The CD single

The ballad Christmas Angels was released as a CD single in 1997. Later it appeared on the charity album Forgotten Angels (In Aid Of The Childrens’ Hospital Temple Street). The beautiful song features some of the most-loved Clannad characteristics; some dreamy mellow-sounding synthesizers, Moya Brennan’s amazing vocals and her innovative harp playing. Furthermore, the icing on the cake is the London Session Orchestra which enhances the Clannad sound in a very magical way.

Despite its top quality, ‘Christmas Angels’ remained unknown outside Ireland because it did not appear on any Clannad studio albums. However, the song got a lyric video on YouTube in 2013 and appeared on some compilations.

Article by Károly Káli-Rozmis

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