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To Be Irish at Christmas 2021

To Be Irish at Christmas, launched in 2020 by the Department of Foreign Affairs to create meaningful connections with the Irish diaspora and those who have a grá or are interested in Ireland and Irish culture around the world.

Last year, with the invaluable input from Local Authorities, venues, organisations and shops across Ireland and internationally, along with Irish Embassies across the globe, To Be Irish at Christmas was able to host a programme of over 200 events as well 100 personal stories shared by our diaspora community.

The initiative itself generated 3.3 million impressions and 700K engagement across the To Be Irish platforms. This achievement within very challenging times would not have been possible without your support and contribution to the To Be Irish programme.

This year’s initiative will run from 8 – 23 December 2021 presenting a festive programme of online and offline events. Our platform is an opportunity for you to showcase events globally that celebrate Irish culture around Christmas featuring crafts, community initiatives, seasonal traditions and more.

With the expectation of there not being any travel restrictions over the Christmas period our remit this year is twofold in that we wish to present and promote:

    • online content aimed at the Irish Diaspora and a global audience interested in Ireland who are overseas and will not be travelling to Ireland.
    • in-person events aimed at the Irish Diaspora or visitors travelling to Ireland over the Christmas period.

Should you be interested in registering your event to feature on the To Be Irish platform please register here.

For more information and to see what else we have in store for this year, please visit